Major Right Wing Trump Supporter Banned From App After Trying To Cheat On His Wife

It’s not easy being a married Alt-Right conspiracy theorist while trying to get a date. Take Jack Posobiec, for example. The self-described writer is a big-time Donald Trump supporter and even attended a press briefing once, then later he broadcast video on the lawn of the White House. Jack’s bizarre resume includes being a Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracy theorist. We’re sure Jack’s wife, Brittany, will be really interested in this next bit of info on her douchey husband.

Bumble, a dating app where “women make the first move,”—made a move to ban a profile allegedly belonging to Jack Posobiec. Twitter user Lindsey Ledford first reported Jack’s alleged profile to Bumble.

As it happens, Bumble doesn’t like Alt-Right pieces of trash on its site.

After sending Bumble several links regarding Jack’s behavior, the dating site said it will take action.

Twitter users can’t stop laughing.

Posobiec denied that the account was his to Gizmodo. He said the account’s creator was “clearly some troll” and added: “I have a hot eastern European wife, as everyone knows.”

Oh dear, Jack sounds a bit stressed out.


Jack can probably be found munching on a few Tide Pods while downing shots.

Image via the Nazi’s Twitter account.