Maine Dems Are FED UP, File Formal Complaint Against GOP Over Fake News

The worst thing that can happen to a democracy or any free society is when all out psychological warfare means that the agreement on basic facts – meaning, what is and isn’t true – has ceased to exist. In the current American society, that is what has happened, and the Republican Party is complicit. Since the so-called “president” is such a compulsive and pathological liar, and GOP lawmakers are afraid of his base, they tend to go along with every lie he tells, and with any narrative that will advance his agenda. Therefore, this Trumpian authoritarianism is now the GOP stock and trade – and they are taking the soul, health, and future of our republic into the abyss with this nonsense.

Well, it seems that one group of people has had enough of this dangerous nonsense – the Maine Democratic Party. They have filed a formal ethics complaint against their Republican counterparts, charging that they are spreading fake news. The Hill reports that the Democrats have said the following:

“To put it plainly, this is the worst of politics: pushing misleading or outright false claims while hiding behind the safety of anonymity.”

The anonymity comes conveniently from the fact that these people are allegedly using a propaganda publication called the Maine Examiner as their vehicle to peddle bullshit “news” stories without attaching their actual names to it. Phil Barlett, who chairs the Maine Democratic Party, charges that the GOP  “decries fake news, but then happily turns around and peddles it to achieve their political goals.”

The Maine Examiner is definitely a sketchy publication, as it is only months old, and offers no information about who is behind the operation or where they are getting their stories, only that they “may produce some news content that liberals and progressives don’t want you to read, but we get our facts straight and we provide the proof to back up our claims.”

Hmmm, if they have so much proof to back up what they are saying, than why all the secrecy about who is behind this rag? Either way, the important thing is that the Maine Republican Party has been sharing their content, and it is a dangerous thing to do for a major political party to, in an official capacity, peddle content from such a dubious source.

This is what the GOP has become under Donald Trump’s leadership – a bigoted, nasty, hateful, lying organization that is a very real threat to this republic. Yet another reason to VOTE BLUE in the 2018 midterms and kick these people out of office all over the nation. The future of our republic depends upon it.

Featured image via Maine GOP