Melania Now Refusing To Travel With Trump Amid Affair News

You’ve probably seen the numerous videos of Melania Trump batting President Stable Genius’ tiny hand away when he attempted to hold hands with her. You’ve probably seen the angry glares she shoots him on a regular basis. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist that things have been bad between the President* and the woman who could reasonably be called First Lady if Trump’s daughter wasn’t already filling that role — and all of this was before news surfaced that The Donald cheated on her with porn star Stormy Daniels (without a condom no less), had her spank him with a copy of Forbes with his daughter on the cover, and paid a hefty fee to shut Ms. Daniels up.

Now, in a decision that seems to be related to recent news, Melania has abruptly canceled her plans to travel with her husband to a World Economic Forum in Switzerland this week.

According to Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, the trip to Davos was canceled because of “scheduling and logistical issues.”

This announcement was made on Monday, Melania and Donald’s thirteenth wedding anniversary — a day on which both of them were markedly silent on their marriage. On the anniversary of Trump’s election, Melania tweeted a photo of herself without him in it at all.

Last year, Melania Trump famously “liked” a tweet about a “wall” between her and her orange-skinned hubby.

So far, Mrs. Trump has been silent about the “Stormy” situation their marriage is in — but she doesn’t have to say anything. She’s been telling him to fuck off for quite some time.

Featured image via Getty Images