NY Governor Tells Trump To F*ck Off, Re-Opens Statue Of Liberty Despite Shutdown

New York Governor  Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday that Trump and Republicans can go f*ck themselves and that despite the shutdown, the Statue of Liberty will be open.

“New York State will reopen the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island,” Cuomo announced via Twitter. “We will not stand by as this symbol of freedom and opportunity goes dark.”

“Shutting down the park jeopardizes an economic driver for the State of New York,” Cuomo said, adding that the “park is a symbol of New York and our values.”

“Her message has never been as important as it is today,” Cuomo concluded — a reference to Trump’s effort to prevent people from “shithole countries” (anywhere with a lot of darker-skinned people) from entering the United States while demanding more immigrants from white-majority countries like “Norway.”

This is a clear message to Donald Trump and his allies that their politically-motivated refusal to keep the government open and their demand that Democrats choose between helping poor children through the CHIP program, which Republicans allowed to expire so they could use it as a bargaining chip, and providing some relief for people who were brought to the United States illegally as kids and had no choice in the matter.

Republicans could do the right thing and open the government at any moment. Simply put, they control every branch of the government and we are at their mercy.

It’s good to see Governor Cuomo take a stand against the Right’s continual attacks on our nation.

Image via screengrab