Republican Rep. In Trump’s Pocket Claims To Have Damning Info Against Obama – Won’t Let FBI See It

Representative Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who found himself pressured to step away from their Russia probe because he’s in Donald Trump’s back pocket, claims he has information showing that the intelligence community misused and abused their powers to illegally spy on American citizens under President Obama. Without actually knowing what’s in the memo, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Nunes is on about this time.

The memo is in response to some highly classified information the FBI gave to a small number of members of Congress, however, it’s impossible to know how factual Nunes memo is because it’s basically an interpretation of that info. But the FBI says that Nunes actually denied their requests to see the memo. One Congressional aide said:

“If this is about FBI abuses, why wouldn’t they share it with the Trump-appointed director who wasn’t at the bureau when the abuses supposedly occurred? If this is about cleaning up the FBI like they claim, wouldn’t they want Wray as an ally?”

This new revelation makes it impossible to see this memo as anything other than another desperate stunt by Trump and his allies to distract from, and discredit, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. One would think that, if this information really is so damning that it could finally take down the Democrats that Republicans like Nunes so badly hate, he’d have given it to the FBI as soon as they asked for it. That’s especially true given that it freaking implicates the freaking FBI!

But no, Republicans are playing their games again. Furthermore, Republicans on the House Intel Committee have also refused to allow Democrats release their own report on the information behind Nunes’ memo. They’re scared, and that fear is making them desperate to find anything they can that proves Obama and Hillary are far worse criminals than Donald “I Have Zero Connections In Russia” Trump.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images