White House Hilariously Tries Proving Trump Is Working On The Shutdown – Nobody Is Buying It (TWEETS)

Donald Trump is a hard worker. The hardest worker. Nobody works harder than President “I’d Rather Be Golfing” Trump. Believe us. Trump is currently working his ass off to get the government back up and running after the Senate failed to pass a spending bill that would have kept the government functioning. He’s bravely sacrificing his ridiculously expensive black-tie gala at Mar-a-Lago to broker deals in Congress so they can reopen the government. He doesn’t have time for parties and golfing and adoration from his rich, loyal subjects.

Or so the White House would like us to believe. They released photos of Trump, in the White House, slaving away on the phone at his desk in the Oval Office, no doubt deep in conference calls with Congressional leaders regarding the shutdown. There’s just one problem: This is like the photo he released of himself allegedly writing his own inauguration speech. It’s obviously staged. Except for the phone, his desk is totally clean and empty.

Who tries to create order out of chaos with nothing on their desk but a telephone? Take a look at this tweet from a producer at CBS News:

There’s also this one from a White House reporter at ABC News, which is zoomed out:

And then there’s this one of him in a meeting…with extremely cheerful members of his staff rather than the Congressional leaders he ought to be working with right now:

Really? Nobody looks that cheerful in a meeting about anything contentious, like, oh, a government shutdown. So, despite the White House’s best efforts, absolutely nobody is buying this.


Featured image via Twitter