Dems Try To Reopen Government With Short-Term Bill, GOP Does Worse Than Block It

Republicans are bleating up one side and down the other that the government shutdown is the fault of Democrats in general, and Senator Chuck Schumer in specific. They needed 60 votes in the Senate to pass the House’s continuing resolution to keep the government funded, and they only have 51 seats, so they needed Democratic votes. They’re also trying to push the narrative that the Democrats are holding CHIP funding and funding for national defense and security hostage because they care more about undocumented immigrants than they do about Americans.

So, if the Democrats are the problem, why, then, did House Republicans refuse to even allow a vote on a very short-term resolution, offered by Democrats, that would reopen the government and give everyone a few more days to debate? Oh, yes, they did that today. According to Rep. Ted Lieu:

So there’s that, in addition to McConnell shooting down a bill that would continue to pay our troops. There’s also the fact that they were trying to force concessions from the Democrats at the last minute, while President Amazing Negotiator barely even tried to broker deals on a spending bill over the past year.

This is the Republicans’ shutdown. This is Trump’s shutdown. If it weren’t, then House Republicans would very likely want to work on anything that would reopen the government and reopen budget negotiations. If they were acting in good faith, Republicans would have at least allowed a vote. They couldn’t even make themselves do that.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images