GOP Senator Literally Threatens His Own Constituents With Arrest For Daring To Disagree With Him

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, apparently can’t tolerate his own constituents having problems with how he’s governing. But unlike other Republicans, who are merely running away from their town halls or refusing to have them at all, Traitor Tom (as he has come to be known on social media) is actually trying to create his own little “safe space” by threatening to have his constituents arrested if they keep trying to contact him with their concerns.

His office is sending people official cease-and-desist notices, saying that if they continue to try and contact any of his offices, the matter will be referred to the Capitol Police in Washington, D.C., as harassment.

Yes, seriously. Below is a copy of the short, terse letter his office has been sending out:

“This letter is immediate notification that all communication must cease and desist immediately with all offices of US Senator Tom Cotton.

All other contact will be deemed harassment and will be reported to the United States Capitol Police.”

It’s signed, “The Office of U.S. Senator Tom Cotton.”

While the letters are dated Oct 17, 2017, people are apparently just now starting to receive them. One particular resistance group, known as Ozark Indivisible, has been pressing members of Congress on immigration, healthcare and other issues. They posted an image of their letter to their Twitter account just last night:

Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times says he reached out to Cotton’s office about it, but has not received a response. Times contributor Billy Fleming also showed a copy of the letter to Brantley, saying that he knew several others who had received them. He explained why he thinks Cotton would do this the following way:

“I think they just honestly don’t want to listen to any citizen’s opposing view or hear the numerous grave concerns U.S. citizens have about the serious & ongoing attack on our Democracy and past election cycle in which a foreign, hostile Russian government interfered, they don’t want U.S. citizens to call and speak their mind and truth in a very direct manner and they obviously don’t want to be held accountable for their words and actions while serving all the people in this nation.”

Fleming admitted he’d used inflammatory and unprofessional language at times, but calling one’s senator to express concerns about their policy positions is part of how democracy is supposed to work. As long as Cotton’s constituents aren’t threatening him, he should actually listen to their anger and maybe, perhaps, oh, say, re-examine his stances on certain issues instead of silencing these people with cease-and-desists and threats of arrest.

Cotton should be removed from office immediately for this.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images