Gay Couple’s Wedding RUINED Because Bigots Sent ‘Satan’ Propaganda Instead of Wedding Programs

Marriage equality has been the law of the land in America for night on three years now. Despite the fact that absolutely nothing has changed besides the fact that more people are getting married, there are still many bigots out there who are doing all they can to make sure that the gay couples who choose to celebrate their love are harmed as much as possible. Case in point- what happened to Stephen Heasley and Aaron Borg when they tried to have programs printed for their wedding for Vistaprint, only to find a hellfire and brimstone message full of hate instead of the programs they had already paid for:

And here are the invitations the couple should have gotten:

Heasley and Borg are suing the company responsible, and rightly so. A big  company like Vistaprint surely has realized that bigotry doesn’t pay. Lawyers for the couple say of the matter:

“Mr. Heasley and Mr. Borg were horrified to see these offensive pamphlets, which were clearly sent to intimidate, threaten and harass Plaintiffs because they are gay men.”

Of course, we’ve all seen these types, and the horrible pamphlets did not disappoint. They said of the couple, LGBTQ people in general, and “sinning” as they all tend to say, which is really just code for bigotry wrapped in a Bible. This particular piece of propaganda said:

“The supreme tempter is Sata.bwho uses our weaknesses to lead us into sin. You must understand where temptations come from if you desire to change the way you live.”

Heasley and Borg live in Australia, where many people who do not believe like the dumbest and most ignorant humanity has to offer live. Hopefully, they win the lawsuit and pay the suit off of these hideous people.

In the meantime, Vistaprint is trying to say that it was all an innocent mistake:

“We, and our partner, are committed to understanding how and why this happened. If we determine that any individual played a deliberate role in this mix-up, we will take strong action.”

Here is their full statement on the matter, via Twitter:

Indeed. Then again, money talks. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference. All I know is that these two men had what should have been the best days of their life deeply tainted by this hate. They really should be sitting pretty for life, and we should all be going, “Vista WHO” until things change.

Featured image via The Knot