Trump’s Shithole Hotel Drops To 2 Stars After Flood Of Terrible Reviews (SCREENSHOTS)

Donald Trump’s shithole hotel sure is getting some rave reviews on Yelp.

According to  New Knowledge, a company that tracks the spread of misinformation on the internet, Trump’s D.C. establishment dropped a full two stars thanks to a flood of 800 negative reviews between Thursday and Monday.

The reviews target reports that Trump called black majority countries “shitholes” and demanded that we snag up more immigrants from white-majority nations like “Norway.”

“This place is shithole and is run by an open racist,” one reviewer wrote. “The place has bed bugs, bad service and caters to white supremacists.”

“A real shithole. Decor is like something out of Hunger Games, clientele out of Mad Max, and all the profits support the shitty owners. Stay away,” another wrote. “You’ll feel dirty for even associating with this crappy joint.”

“As a very stable genius, trust me, this place is a sh*thole,” still another another added.

Here’s a very small sampling of the reviews:


A spokeswoman for Yelp says that the company intends to sanitize Trump’s image, but that removing the reviews can take a few days to remove because of the “media storm.”

While Yelp might be able to help Trump save the image of this particular shithole, the kitchen at the Mar-a-Lago was recently cited for 15 violations — including milk stored way above what is considered a safe temperature, hot dogs being stored on the ground of the freezer, and many other disgusting things.

At this rate, Trump is going to go bankrupt after we fill Congress with people who will do their jobs and remove him from office.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images