Trump WH Shaking In Their Boots As Mueller Brings The Hammer Down On Another Top Adviser

Donald Trump and his allies in conservative media and in the Republican Party are desperate to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election. However, now that key members of that campaign, the transition team, and even the White House staff been caught in the crosshairs of Mueller’s investigation, it is looking more and more like there really is fire where all this smoke is coming from. Case in point – the fact that Mueller has now subpoenaed Trump’s former White House Chief Strategist turned total enemy Stephen K. Bannon.

Bannon will have to give testimony under oath before Mueller’s grand jury, and this is surely terrible news for the Trump White House. After all, Bannon is largely credited with getting Trump elected, and helping him weather his many controversies during the campaign – most notably the infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which Trump could be heard making lewd remarks about how he likes to sexually assault women. After that, Bannon was in the White House, right by Trump’s side, for nearly a year, as one of his closest and most trusted advisers. If anyone has the goods on Trump, it’s Stephen K. Bannon.

What’s worse for Trump is the fact that now that Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, which features many quotes in which Bannon absolutely trashes Trump and his family, has opened up an irreparable rift between Team Trump and Bannon. Further, Bannon’s betrayal of Trump meant that he lost his job at Breitbart News, which was the last real perch of power the man credited with electing the most unlikely president ever had left. In other words, Bannon is a man without a friend in the world, regardless of political affiliation, and he has nothing left to lose. Therefore, he could make himself famous by getting the ultimate revenge and taking down the entire Trump White House.

If Donald Trump and his remaining cronies have any sense whatsoever left, they will be very afraid of what Stephen K. Bannon could tell Robert Mueller. People who feeel like they have nothing lose are very dangerous indeed, and that is exactly who Bannon is when it comes to the world of Trumpian alt-right politics.

Featured image via Ann Heisenfelt/Getty Images