Former Criminal Lawyer Explains Trump’s Erratic Behavior Toward Russia Probe – This Is PERFECT

Trump loves to loudly proclaim his innocence in the matter of Russia, saying he believes he’ll be exonerated soon, calling it a witch hunt, and basically trying to play the victim to anyone and everyone who’s dumb enough to believe a word out of his mouth. It’s hard for reasonable people to believe he’s innocent of anything dealing with Russia because he’s just not behaving like an innocent man.

But it can also be hard to pinpoint just why his behavior is exactly that of a guilty man, rather than an innocent man. Fortunately, former criminal defense attorney Seth Abramson was kind enough to give us an analysis of Twitlerini’s behavior, and why it indicates guilt. This can also explain why he’s got such steadfast allies in sketchy people like Rep. Matt Gaetz and Fox News’ resident conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity, and their own behavior may well be explained by their fear (or maybe belief) that Trump is, in fact, guilty as sin.

(Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Uranium One, anybody?)

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images