Trump Jr Triggered By Seth Meyers At Golden Globes, Retweets Toxic Anti-Woman Posts (VIDEO/IMAGES)

The Golden Globes is the first awards show of 2018, and, more importantly, it is the first awards show since the #MeToo movement took the nation by storm and ended the careers of powerful men who abused women in high profile careers everywhere. So, to that end, of course the awards show took on this very important subject matter in high form, and host Seth Meyers delivered a politically charged monologue for the ages, absolutely DEVASTATING sexual predators:

Of course, Donald Trump Jr., who himself is the heir to a man who has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault by nearly two dozen women, was triggered by Meyers’ monologue. His father has also, of course, admitted to grabbing women by their genitals on tape, and to walking in on teenage beauty pageant contestants, among other grotesque and criminal sexual acts. To that end, Meyers’ monologue really hit home from the Predator-Chief’s mini me, and Little Psycho Trump spent the beginning of the Golden Globes frantically retweeting criticism of the monologue from his fellow right wingers:

Sorry, mini Trump, you don’t get to tweet your way out of this one. We all know who your father is, and what he did. We heard the tapes, and the internet and audio is forever. Women will not be silenced. You’re defending sexually predatory, criminal behavior. You should be ashamed of yourself. But, duh, nobody in that criminal enterprise you call a family has the capacity to feel shame, so of course you won’t. The really sad thing here is that you have a little girl of your own, and  she’s going to grow up learning that if something like this ever happens to her, that she is supposed to just grin and bear it. Sad, but true.