Trump Reignites His Most INSANE Campaign Promise While Threatening DACA: ‘Mexico Will Pay For The Wall’

Just when we thought one of Donald Trump’s most insane campaign promises was dead, he went and brought it back: The idea that one of America’s neighbor’s and closest allies, Mexico, would pay for a massive and racist wall along the southern border. While he was holed up at the presidential retreat known as Camp David with his fellow racist GOP leaders, Trump reinforced the idea that our southern neighbor would fund the racist monument — which will, of course, cost billions to build and maintain, and certainly will do very little to actually secure America’s southern border or solve the issue of drug cartels and the like contributing to America’s opioid epidemic — which, of course, has everything to do with the over-prescribing of legal prescription drugs and nothing to do with Mexican drug lords. That did not deter Trump’s racist dog whistling on the subject, though. While speaking from the podium at Camp David flanked by the GOP leadership, Trump said:

“I believe Mexico will pay for the wall. I have a very good relationship with Mexico. But yes, in some form, Mexico will pay for the wall.”

Of course, in recent months, Trump and his GOP bullies have tried to hold the fate of DREAMERS — the undocumented immigrants who arrived here in the United States as children through no fault of their own — hostage in order to force Congressional Democrats to fund his stupid and useless wall, and has set the date to de-fund the Obama-era program that protects them to March. It also seems that he is perfectly fine with shutting down the government in order to get funding for this wall in order to appease his racist, anti-brown-people base.

This is an absolute disgrace. The racism of Trump and his GOP leadership — and especially their rabid base — knows no bounds. America, what have we done?

Featured image via Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images