Delusional Trump Rants About ‘Fire And Fury’ Book And Democrats; Has The Gall To Call Himself A Genius (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s world has been turned upside down since notorious political author Michael Wolff released his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. In the book are many salacious quotes from White House insiders, including former Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon. A running theme in the bombshell tome is that everyone around Trump believes him to be nothing more than a child, and completely incompetent and mentally unstable, and certainly nowhere near fit to be President of the United States. Ever since the book dropped on at midnight on Thursday night – which was earlier than the original release date, since Trump attempted to have it banned – Trump has been trying to desperately do damage control.

Of course, Trump’s case is not helped by the fact that a group of Capitol Hill lawmakers met with a psychiatrist who discussed Trump’s mental state with them, and, of course questions of his mental stability have dogged this man-baby “president” since his campaign and since the moment he took his tiny little hand off that Bible. To that end, Trump’s never-ending need to always be right reared its head again on this most sensitive subject in grand fashion, of course. His latest wild claim aimed at discrediting the contents of the book, as well as to quash any questions about his mental state? To call himself a genius.


Taking to Twitter on Saturday morning, the delusional orange man said:

The idea of the likes of Donald Trump being any sort of genius is laughable. Narcissistic? Yes. Delusional? Sure. Genius? Not a chance in hell. If the people around him want to reassure the public that we should not demand his removal posthaste, they need to take his iPhone away from him immediately and forbid this sort of insane behavior, period. Further, they need to tell him that people are allowed to criticize him. After all – he is, allegedly, a “president,” not a king.

Featured image via Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images