Racist Alabama Cops Brutalize Black Boy While He Is In Handcuffs (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

The number of cases of cops brutalizing and killing people of color seems to see no end. Now, we have another case that needs to be shared far and wide. An Alabama woman by the name of Angela Williams shared a graphic photo of her son, lying in a hospital bed with a beaten and fractured face, on Facebook. It needs to be shared far and wide, because this is unacceptable.

It is unclear why Williams’ son was in police custody or what sort of altercation resulted in his arrest, but when you see the photo you will realize that these details matter not. Cops are not supposed to beat and brutalize those in their custody. In the post you are about to see, Ms. Williams expresses her hope that the cops had their body cameras on while they were beating her son, but I think we all know that there will be some kind of convenient “malfunction” to explain away the lack of existence of dash or body camera footage of what was clearly a brutal beating. Hell, it could even be described as attempted murder. Something tells me that this young man will never be the same. Without further ado, here is what Troy, Alabama’s finest decided was appropriate treatment of Angela Williams’ son:

No matter what the perceived crime of this young man might be, this is completely unacceptable. The cops who did this need to rot in jail for a long, long time – but what you wanna bet they get a paid vacation while the force “investigates” itself, only to have the officers returned to duty posthaste?

This, folks, is why we say BLACK LIVES MATTER. No way in hell would this have happened if Angela Williams’ son had been white. Please share far and wide, and stay tuned to Addicting Info for further updates.

Featured image via David McNew/Stringer/Getty Images