WATCH: Paul Ryan Just Told Us He Doesn’t Care About Struggling Families Living In Blue States

Republicans are working overtime trying to sell their scam of a tax bill to the public as something that directly targets middle-class and working-class families with financial relief. Nothing could be further from the truth, and they’re getting hammered on that repeatedly. Speaking on CNBC, Paul Ryan was going full throttle, trying to convince us that the paltry savings we’re getting is actually…wait for it…big money.

But he didn’t just go with the usual talking points. With a smug look that only someone who grew up in a wealthy family can muster when talking about that which he does not know, Ryan claimed that the $2,059 more per year that families living paycheck-to-paycheck will see is extremely significant. Then he decided he had to amend that to say such savings might be nothing to a family earning $600,000 per year (true), or for people living in New York or California (false).

Those are the same two states that Trump’s loyal subjects insist on stripping from the 2016 vote totals to claim that Trump actually won the popular vote. Watch Ryan completely dismiss all the struggling families living in blue states below:

Someone needs to reach through their computer or television and wipe that smugness off his face. It is the height of arrogance and insult to imply that there are no struggling families in either of those two states.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images