WATCH: Brand-New Pro-Trump Ad Features So Much A** Kissing It Will Make You Sick

Just when you might have thought we’d get a break from watching people kiss Donald Trump’s ass and stroke his ego ad nauseam, a pro-Trump group creates an ad that’s nothing but people doing even more of those exact things. America First Policies is set to release this ad, called “Thank You, President Trump,” on Christmas Day and, well, we threw up a little in our mouths trying to watch this.

Basically, the spot is nothing but people fawning all over Trump for all the stuff he hasn’t actually done. The ad includes a scene with a little girl thanking Trump for bringing back “Merry Christmas,” which never went away (there are even videos of President Obama saying “Merry Christmas” himself). A man thanks him for cutting his taxes. And America First says that everyday Americans everywhere are thanking Trump for being such a great and awesome president.

The best president.

Nobody’s ever done what he’s done. He’s breaking all kinds of records every day.

Believe us.

Anyway, the word “propaganda” comes to mind when watching this. That’s what it is – literal propaganda promoting someone who shouldn’t need this kind of promotion anymore. Watch this ad bullshit below:

The way the MAGAs are kowtowing to Orange Hitler is both disgusting and frightening. The man has done nothing, and his policies will harm the very same Americans who are thanking him. Unfortunately, it will take an obscene amount of pain before they’ll open their eyes and see they’ve been duped by a con man with a bad hairdo.

And his ongoing need for this kind of adoration is, at best, unbecoming of his office. This ad is vile.

Featured image via Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images