Papa John’s Founder Retires, Figures Out Racism Is Bad For Business

A centerpiece of Donald Trump’s campaign, and now his presidency, has been his white supremacist ways. That is why so many of the public feuds he gets into involve people of color. One of his favorite targets, is, of course, the players in the National Football League who dare to exercise their First Amendment rights by kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racist police brutality. Well, there is one person who has figured out that racism is bad for business, even if it did get the orange overlord elected: The founder of the pizza chain Papa John’s.

This is a man who has never been on the right side of history on any number of issues, and plus his pizza sucks. But, when he decided to complain about the players protesting, his sales really dropped. Turns out racism doesn’t pay, and we all know that corporations are all about the bottom line. Therefore, Papa John Schnatter will no longer be CEO of the hack pizza chain.

The thing is, while people are certainly allowed to have political opinions, they have to realize that those opinions can often come with dire consequences – especially if one is in the business of trying to garner sales and support from any and all people, which one would presume is the goal of all CEO’s. No one knows whether or not the pressure from his shareholders, the public outcry or boycotts, or even the NFL itself had anything to do with his stepping down. As of right now, all we know is that he will be gone, and perhaps the future CEO will run a company that is inclusive of the diverse fabric that we call America. After all, the guiding symbol of this nation will always be the Statue of Liberty, and bigots like Trump and Schnatter are the past. The rest of us are the future. We just have to survive the present to get there.

Featured image via Rob Kim/Getty Images