KY GOP State Rep. Commits Suicide Over Allegations He Molested A Teen Girl (DETAILS)

In this #METOO moment, many powerful men are being toppled. It spans many industries, from entertainment, to journalism, to politics and beyond. Any man that ever dared to abuse his power to sexually harass, molest, or assault women better brace himself for being rooted out, publicly shamed, and forced into early retirement.

Well, unfortunately, the latest bombshell story has actually resulted in the suicide of a lawmaker. Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson left a suicide note on Facebook and then shot himself on a bridge, according to reports from local authorities. Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell reported to local station WDRB that Johnson’s body was found after his suicide note from Facebook was reported to the local police. Here is that note:

Now, nobody wants to celebrate a suicide. This man should have resigned gracefully and faced his accuser, who was a friend of his daughter’s, who says that Johnson molested her while she was passed out drunk in his home. Apparently, Johnson, who referred to himself as some kind of “pope,” routinely engaged in parties with plenty of alcohol with minors. Johnson’s home was called the “Pope’s House,” and he was the preacher at the Heart of Fire City Church, where the alleged molestation took place.

Now, innocent until proven guilty and all of that, but if someone commits suicide, it’s likely there could be some merit there. That’s a rather extreme measure to take. Further, by all accounts, this guy was no saint. He was heavily pro-gun, opposed any and all abortion rights, and has referred to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as monkeys on his Facebook page, among other racist messages and images.

Again, we’re not glad the man is dead. But, it is important for people to remember him for exactly who he was. We grieve for the loss his children, wife, and grandchildren suffered, for nobody deserves such a loss. However, methinks the people of Kentucky are much better off. Sad to say, but true.

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