CNN CALLS IT: A Democrat Will Represent Alabama In The Senate For The First Time In 25 Years

Alabama is a notoriously deep red state. It’s a place where Democrats always think that we have zero chances of winning – especially in statewide federal elections. However, that is just what happened on Tuesday night in the Special Election to replace Senator Jeff Sessions. Doug Jones, the Democratic Senate candidate who is known in the state for prosecuting the Ku Klux Klan members who bombed a church during the Civil Rights Movement and killed four little African American girls, will be the next Senator from Alabama. CNN has just called the race, as there seems no more GOP-leaning counties out there.

To contrast, Roy Moore had been twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court as Chief Justice for violating the law, and was also credibly accused of being a sexual predator toward teen girls. Despite all of that, though, the race was a nail biter, because Moore has a long history and a deep base in Alabama. Of course, decent people – including Republicans – were horrified at the idea of a man like Roy Moore going to the Senate. Despite the allegations of sexual predation, Moore also had said many incendiary things, such as putting forth the idea that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in Congress, that homosexuality should be illegal, and that America was great when slavery was legal. And that’s just for starters, too.

Thank you Alabama, for letting sanity prevail in this race. Oh, and a message to Democrats – this is proof we can compete everywhere. Get a fifty state strategy going so we can blow the GOP outta the water in 2018.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images