Accused Child Molesting Senate Candidate Roy Moore Sides With Putin Over Reagan (VIDEO)

Ronald Reagan is largely seen as the Messiah of the Republican Party. Despite how long it has been since the man was president, he has always remained the high standard of GOP morality for potential office holders. That is, until now. Reagan is likely rolling over in his grave at the idea of the state of his party with Donald Trump as its standard-bearer, and he’s likely doing the same at the prospect of a bigoted accused child molester like Roy Moore (R-AL) being the next GOP Senator from Alabama. Well, now Reagan has another reason to hate Moore: He’s clearly in the pocket of Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin just like Donald Trump is.

During an interview where he’s talking about Americans being the face of “evil” in the world right now, Moore indicates that Putin’s harsh and murderous treatment of LGBTQ people in Russia is something he would like to see happen in the United States. Then, he does something most appalling, and goes on to give Putin a message in Russian. 

Now, no one knows where a bigoted, backwoods buffoon like Roy Moore would learn Russian. After all, he’s barely left Alabama, where he has spent the last 40+ years wreacking havoc and just basically cementing Alabama’s place as America’s bigoted boil on the butt of humanity wherever and whenever he can. However, he managed to learn enough Russian to dog whistle to Putin in that interview. That should disturb us all. Not only is the man being a homophobe, a racist, a misogynist, and more than likely a child molester, he’s also a Russian stooge.

America, we can do better. We have enough Russian puppets at the highest levels of government. Lord knows we don’t need one in the United States Senate.

Watch the appalling video below:

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images