Sitting GOP Senator Has Had ENOUGH, Donates To Alabama Democrat For Senate (IMAGE)

Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake has never been a fan of Donald Trump or his incendiary, divisive brand of politics. Now, he is a leading GOP voice against electing Roy Moore (R-AL) to the United States Senate. Moore is an accused child molester, and has a lifetime history of making all kinds of bigoted and incendiary comments. He has said that homosexuality should be illegal, and that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress. Moore was also removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to comply with higher court rulings. Well, Flake has finally had enough of his party enabling characters like Moore. He had already said that if he lived in Alabama, he’d be voting for Democrat Doug Jones. Now, Flake  has taken his support of Jones even further, in the wake of the Republican National Committee’s decision to support an accused child molester rather than a Democrat.

Taking to Twitter, Senator Flake posted an image of a check – made out to Doug Jones’ Senate campaign. Here is the tweet, captioned “Country over Party”:

Now, I don’t agree with Jeff Flake on anything politically, but I can say that he is trying to act with morality and decency here. One could argue that Flake’s plans to retire from the Senate mean that he can do this without consequence, but at this point, that matters not. We do not need a pedophile in the United States Senate, and the GOP apparatus should be ashamed of themselves for trying to get Roy Moore elected. But, hey – better a pedophile than a Democrat, right?

Featured image Drew Angerer/Getty Images