Republican National Committee: Better A Pedophile Than A Democrat In The U.S. Senate

By now, the whole world knows that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R-Of Course) was banned from an Alabama mall and the YMCA for creeping on little girls. He has been accused of molesting young girls as young as age fourteen. Of course, when the allegations first came out and the uproar and backlash began, everyone, regardless of politics, reacted with outrage. However, the GOP’s outrage was often much more muted. Further, it took awhile for the Republican National Committee to pull their support for Moore, despite the deeply disturbing allegations of his being a pedophile. Well, now that the rage has died down, the RNC is back with a new message regarding this Senate race: Better a pedophile than a Democrat.

Under cover of night, the RNC reinstated their support for Roy Moore, and an RNC official confirmed to The Hill that, quote, “We can confirm our involvement in the Alabama Senate race.”

So, there you have it, folks. They literally want a child molester in the United States Senate rather than a Democrat. There are only a few voices from the right who are being brave on this one – and none of them are seeking re-election. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney tweeted that the GOP must not tolerate Moore:

Outgoing Arizona GOP Senator Jeff Flake has actually said that he would vote for the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, if he lived in Alabama, and former Jeb Bush adviser Tim Miller has actually endorsed and donated to Jones. Outgoing Pennsylvania moderate Republican Charlie Dent said he never supported Moore in the first place. Here’s the video of Dent’s takedown of Moore:

There is also outspoken Trump critic and longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who went on national television and called Moore a pedophile:

Other than that, though, it has been radio silence. After all, they need that vote. Besides, let’s face it – the GOP writ large showed America and the world what they stand for when they elected Donald Trump.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images