John McCain Wanted Another 74 Twitter Followers, But His Plan Backfired Miserably (TWEETS)

All Senator John McCain wanted to achieve on the morning of Monday, December 4 was to hit that magic milestone of three million Twitter followers, a goal of which he was just 74 followers shy. So what was McCain’s approach to gaining those new followers? Simple, he would go on Twitter and rely on word-of-mouth, how could that possibly fail?

There was just one little thing Senator McCain had forgotten to factor in — His significantly waning popularity since he voted for the Republican tax bill. Being the Republican Senator for Arizona, some may have seen this as him just batting for his own team, but let’s not forget that John McCain was one of the few glimmers of hope as he was also one of the only Republicans that has been openly critical of President Trump and this is a terrible tax bill.

Not only will the new tax measures raise taxes on those earning less than $75,000 per annum, it would also take healthcare from 13 million Americans and raise the national debt by almost $1.5 trillion dollars over the coming decade! To add insult to injury, the 479-page bill wasn’t even completed when it was released on Friday night, with some pages crossed out and others with hand-written amendments in the margins. Furthermore, nobody even had a chance to read it when they were forced to vote on it, but that didn’t sway McCain and the bill somehow managed to pass the Senate.

Some people had grown to believe that Senator McCain wasn’t too bad for a Republican, but when he shocked everyone and voted in favor of the new tax bill, one where 13 million taxpayers will lose their healthcare but still subsidize his treatment for brain cancer, he proved he was no different and people decided to revolt. So when McCain put out the plea for another 74 followers to reach the three million mark, Twitter-users instead instigated a massive unfollow campaign using the hashtag #UnfollowMcCain, costing him hundreds of followers every minute.

So, how bad has the #UnfollowMcCain campaign been for the Arizona Senator? Well, at the time of writing this article he needed approximately another 30,000 followers to achieve his goal. Probably just should have kept quiet at 74 and hoped for things to improve organically.

Featured image via William Thomas Cain/Getty Images