Watch This Awesome Mashup of Michael Flynn Leading The ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant As He Goes Off To Court (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has just plead guilty to lying to the FBI – a felony. He has also agreed to testify against Trump in exchange for leniency from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. The irony here is beyond delicious – especially since Flynn infamously led the “LOCK HER UP!” chants at the 2016 Republican National Convention, saying that Hillary Clinton was some kind of criminal, and that if Trump was elected they’d be able to put her in jail, where many Trump supporters believe she belongs. Well, now the tables are turned, and it is Flynn who will be heading to jail, and the people who realize who the REAL criminals are have been having a field day. Perhaps one of the best pieces of Twitter schaudenfraude is this video of Flynn heading into court to plead guilty with the “Lock her up!” chant being played:

This is BEYOND awesome. These fools thought they’d get a chance to put Hillary Clinton in jail as if we live in some kind of banana republic. Instead, they are all turning on each other in order to save their own asses in the best circular firing squad any of us ever could have imagined. Michael Flynn is going to sing like a canary so that he can keep himself and his equally criminal son out of federal prison – and railroad the entire Trump crime family into the slammer – just where they belong.

The GOP made a deal with the devil when their ignorant, bigoted voters chose this unfit orange overlord to be their presidential nominee. Now, they are very likely to rue the day they ever heard the name Donald Trump.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images