Trump’s Biggest KKK Fan Is Back, And He Just LOVED Those Anti-Muslim Tweets This Morning

Just in case you needed any more proof that Donald Trump’s racist tweets were a thinly-coded message to his alt-right, anti-Muslim, and white supremacist followers, a formerĀ Grand Wizard of the KKK has jumped on board today in praise of President Hates-a-Lot.

It wasn’t enough that the KKK endorsed Trump during his campaign to stop his multitudes of followers from voting for him, so it’s hard to say whether Duke’s full-throated endorsement of today’s disgusting display of racism will be any different. But for the average American, seeing the former Klan leader get behind Trump so vigorously should make them more than a little sick.

To even go to Duke’s page on Twitter is to subject yourself to a blinding cover photo, all white, with a blue-eyed “Aryan” baby in the upper corner, and the words “It’s Okay To Be White” across the middle. The phrase is part of a hate campaign that “Doctor” Duke has been pushing across America, a play on the notion that there is some kind of war on white people happening.

But the tweet itself is disturbing:

By invoking God in his message, Duke is trying the age-old tactic of pretending that white supremacy has its roots in Christianity, an angle that KKK members have tried to use for generations.

Sadly, it works on some followers of both Duke’s and of Donald Trump’s. It seems there’s quite a bit of crossover between the two racist groups. That’s no surprise: The KKK were absolutely instrumental in getting Trump elected.

The bottom line is, both men know exactly what they’re doing when they send messages like that to their followers. Trump’s racist retweets were already disgraceful enough. But continuing to leave them on his Twitter feed even after seeing praise from a Loyal White Knight like David Duke is just rubbing salt in the wound.

Featured image via William Thomas Cain/Getty Images