Pro-Trump Group Is Now Using Pictures Of An Obama Rally To Make Trump Look Popular

In their pathetic attempt to pass the deeply unpopular and unfair tax bill that Republicans in Congress have been working on, the GOP has pulled out all the stops — and so have outside spending groups.

Every campaign season, America is inundated with ad after ad claiming that one candidate or the other will be either the nation’s savior or its downfall. But when ads start popping up for legislation, you know the party that’s pushing it is desperate for support.

America First Policies, a pro-Trump organization that calls itself a non-profit just because they legally can, has come up with a new ad intended to convince Americans to call their members of Congress and demand that they vote yes on the upcoming tax nightmare. We know it’s a nightmare because the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just scored the bill on Sunday night, and said that the legislation, which has had ZERO hearings, raises taxes on the poor, cuts taxes on the rich, and cripples Obamacare by repealing the individual mandate that makes the system function.

The ad is a clever bit of doublespeak itself, as is everything that Republicans say when it comes to taxes. They have promoted the utterly debunked theory of “trickle-down” economics for more than three decades, and for all of their posturing, not a single dime of tax cuts for corporations and the super-wealthy has ever “trickled down” in the form of economic stimulus or higher pay for workers — as they perennially promise that it will.

But it’s an image that AFP uses in the ad that’s catching people’s attention.

Watch the ad and see if you catch something that looks familiar:

That scene in front of the Capitol? You know, where the ad tries to make it seem like Americans are turning out in droves to demand this action?

It’s from Barack Obama’s inauguration.

That’s right — it’s January all over again.

These guys couldn’t be more pathetic.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images