Two Weeks Before Election, Trump Still Defends Accused Child Molester Because TAXES, Y’all

Sunday morning, after what must have seemed like another interminable weekend of scrutiny, terror, and being made to look like a fool, Donald Trump returned to doing what he does best: Being an absolute garbage person. He was still recovering from the humiliation of his hilariously bad attempt at pretending TIME Magazine “offered” him their Person of the Year honorific, followed by the embarrassment of trying to troll CNN, only to see their response tweet get twice the likes and retweets of his original.

So Trump had to up his game. And how could he possibly piss off more people than by pivoting back to Roy Moore, the accused pedophile running for the US Senate in Alabama?

Even some of Trump’s most ardent supporters have begged the Doddering Dotard to back off his support for the toxic candidate. It’s hard, as you might imagine, to truly get behind a guy who’s accused of molesting young girls, especially with so much evidence against him. But Trump tried nonetheless:

It’s an interesting tack to take — just talking about how terrible Doug Jones is, rather than addressing the fact that Roy Moore is accused of touching children inappropriately. What’s more interesting is how wrong he is on every count. Weak on crime? Jones successfully prosecuted the KKK members who blew up a Birmingham church, killing four young black girls in 1963. The Second Amendment? The most Jones supports as far as gun control is expanded background checks. Bad for the military? Jones supports increased military spending, a position that puts him at odds with the two lawmakers that Trump tries to “tie” Jones to in his tweets. Jones is largely considered a moderate among Democrats.

The bottom line is, Trump is terrified of losing a crucial vote on his signature tax cuts for the wealthy. He is so calculating that if he didn’t have something so important pending, he would throw Roy Moore under the bus in a heartbeat — despite the similarities between accusations against Moore and accusations against himself.

This is the worst of politics, people. And when the Republican Party is bloodied on the floor of America, they can thank their garbage president who refused to back away from a child molester just because he wants to “accomplish” something before he’s booted out of office.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images