CNN BLISTERS Trump After He Attacks Them For Bad Representation: ‘That’s Your Job’ (TWEETS)

One of Donald Trump’s favorite punching bags is CNN. He even once tweeted a GIF image of himself punching a person with a CNN logo superimposed over the head – indicating that he’d like to enact violence against CNN’s reporters. Then there was the time he tweeted the “Trump Train” roaring over “CNN.” Now, he’s back at it – this time suggesting that “fake” CNN should be the ones representing America to the world, and that they are doing a bad job. Here is that tweet:

Of course, it is beneath the dignity of most people to respond to a moronic buffoon like Trump under normal circumstances. However, he is currently squatting in the White House, and has his tiny orange hands on the levers of power – not to mention the nuclear codes – so they have to stoop to a Trumpian level when personally attacked. However, being, well, you know, FIT to be doing the job they are doing, the good folks at CNN Communications fired back at Trump, and their response is nothing short of perfect:

BOOM! Couldn’t have asked for a sicker burn than this. And they are right of course – especially the part about #FactsFirst. Trump has a problem with the truth, as we all well know. That’s what makes what the CNN Communications people replied so fabulous. It is the ultimate truth – something the likes of the pathological orange liar that is Donald Trump knows nothing about.

Featured image via  Andrew Burton/Getty Images