Gay GOP Operative Endorses Doug Jones Over ‘Bigoted, Deviant’ Roy Moore In Senate Race (VIDEO)

The Republican Party has a Roy Moore problem. Even before it came out that the judge turned Alabama Senate candidate is accused of being a child molester, he was a problem. He had been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for flagrantly defying the law. Moore has said Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress. He waved a gun around on stage at a campaign rally and rode a horse to the polls in Alabama to vote for himself in the primary he would eventually win against establishment-backed interim Senator Luther Strange. Well, it seems that with all of this and then some, sane Republicans have had enough of Roy Moore. One such person is former Jeb Bush campaign strategist Tim Miller. He  has a solution to his party’s Roy Moore problem: Vote for the Democrat, Doug Jones, to keep Roy Moore the hell away from the United States Senate.

Miller happens to be gay, so of course Moore’s disgusting homophobia is a problem for him. Then there is, of course, the child molesting. In a column for the left-wing site Crooked Media entitled “The Republican Case for Doug Jones,” Miller says of his decision, which he calls, “obvious”:

“But here we are in the dark abyss of 2017, and in this political moment, child exploitation—attempted child rape, even—has become a partisan issue. President Donald Trump is even cool with it, as long as the sex predator is on his team. A comrade in genital grabbing if you will. So after Trump essentially re-endorsed Alabama’s Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, this particular child predator, on Tuesday, I took what I thought was an obvious step. I donated to the other guy’s campaign.”

“But in this instance there was one wrinkle for me. The other guy, Doug Jones, is a Democrat. And I—a Republican political operative—have never donated to one of those before. Thus, in sharing the fact that I had made the donation on social media, I also noted that this was a first for me, even though it felt extremely obvious.”

Here is the tweet where Tim Miller announces his crossover:

Tim Miller is right. Roy Moore is absolutely deplorable, and should be nowhere near the United States Senate. This isn’t politics, it’s morals. Now, it is time for more sane, reasonable Republicans to get out there and do the unthinkable – reject a child molester and endorse and donate to the man who prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan while Roy Moore was busy creeping on little girls. It’s not that hard.

Watch the video of Tim Miller’s appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell below:

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images