Trump’s Favorite News Channel Tries To Soothe His Battered Ego – Gets Taken To The Cleaners

Yesterday, after the father of one of the UCLA players arrested in China failed to show Trump proper gratitude for getting his kid released, Trump, predictably, went to Twitter to grouse about it. He seems to expect to be worshiped for his help on this matter, but LaVar Ball wouldn’t do it, so Trump tweeted:

Fox News put that tweet into a meme portraying Trump as a strong, decisive leader and the UCLA basketball players as weaklings, because of course they did. Then they asked: “Do you agree with President Trump?”

Yes. Fox News seriously asked people whether they agree that Trump should have left them in jail because the father of one is refusing to show proper gratitude:

And Twitter is just not having this at all:

President Man-Baby needs to grow up. And Fox News needs to stop feeding his bullshit.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images