Texas Governor Just Broke With Trump; This Is Unprecedented

Republicans in Texas, including Gov. Greg Abbott, ripped into the new $44 billion White House disaster relief aid request as “inadequate.” It’s been two months since the state was devastated by Hurricane Harvey and Donald Trump has failed on his promise to rebuild Texas. Abbott’s criticism is strikingly different than the day after Trump visited Texas in the aftermath of the hurricane.”His commitment was firm, strong and unequivocal,” Abbott said at the time. “That he was going to do everything he could to ensure that Texas will be restored as swiftly, as effectively as possible.”

But now, two months later, Republicans are calling the response “wholly inadequate,” according to the Dallas News.

The White House disaster relief aid request falls well short of the demands made by officials from Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Greg Abbott said that the request “does not live up” to what Trump pledged in recovery aid. Abbott noted during a news conference that he’s still reviewing the White House request but that it appears to be “completely inadequate.” What’s more, Abbott said, it “does not live up” to what Trump has pledged in recovery aid, then he said that Washington worked faster for victims of Superstorm Sandy than for Harvey. Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012 during the Obama administration, by the way.

“The president has told me privately what he said publicly, and that is he wants to be the builder president. The president has said he wants this to be the best recovery from a disaster ever,” Abbott said.

It’s not just Abbott. Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican, blasted the request as “wholly inadequate.” A chorus of Texas lawmakers slammed it as insufficient.

Houston Rep. John Culberson, a Republican and appropriations committee member, ripped Trump’s recovery efforts, calling the request a “complete lack of understanding of the fundamental needs of Texans” and said it is a “nightmare” for Harvey survivors.

Democrats, too, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, are criticizing the measure as measly.

If only someone has warned Abbott and his Republican colleagues to not trust Trump, then maybe they wouldn’t be so shocked. Maybe we would have a different leader who has the ability to deal with critical issues. Wait, they were warned, weren’t they?

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images.