Trump Just Got His P*ssy Handed To Him By New Zealand’s Female Prime Minister

Donald Trump bit off a bit more than he could chew when he attempted to shoot some venom at New Zealand’s newly-elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during their first in-person meeting at the East Asia Summit last week.

When Trump told her that her victory had “upset” citizens in her country, she hit back and his oranges testes shriveled up instantly.

“This lady caused a lot of upset in her country,” Trump reportedly told a person standing next to Ardern, promopting her to reply:

 “No one marched when I was elected.”

She’s correct. While Trump’s inauguration failed to bring out supporters, marches across the nation in opposition of The Donald continued long after his election.

Ardern says Trump “laughed” at her joke, but also “reflected that it could have been taken in a very particular way.”

However Trump took it, he wasn’t able to complete his traditional “power handshake” that has been embarrassing the country since his election. Ardern describes their handshake as “standard,” meaning Trump didn’t try to yank her arm out of its socket as per usual.

What’s that word conservatives like to use and misuse? Oh, yes – Trump just got “cucked.”