Donald Trump Is Destroying The Country’s Reputation And Here’s Proof

During the election, when Donald Trump wasn’t bellowing “Lock her up” about Hillary Clinton, he was manufacturing a narrative in which President Obama had turned our country into a dystopia in which we’ve lost all respectability throughout the world.

As usual, Trump was more about projection than the truth. We can’t be sure if he knew he was going to destroy our reputation around the world, but he did. In a survey released on Thursday, our standing in the world tumbled all the way from number one to number six.

“The power and quality of each country’s ‘brand image’” was measured by the Nation Brands Index (NBI) survey, which was conducted by German-based market research firm GfK and British political consultant Simon Anholt. The final NBI score was decided after collecting public opinion on 50 different countries on primarily six categories: its “people,” “governance,” “exports,” “tourism,” “investment and immigration,” and “culture and heritage.”

According to popular public opinion, the U.S. dropped to the sixth place while Germany rose to claim the prestigious first spot. Germany stood second in the same survey last year while the first place was held by the U.S. After just a year, the U.S. is lagging behind Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Japan.

Source: IBTimes

This isn’t the first time the world has taken notice of the fact that we have a greedy, uncivilized, unethical half-wit at the helm of the largest economy and the largest military in the world.

In September, a Pew poll found that the world favored Obama over Trump by a significant number. Out of 37 countries, only two liked Trump better. Only Russia (hmmmm) and Israel were happier with Trump. As for the rest of the world, the drop in popularity wasn’t just in double digits, it was, as Trump might say, huuuuge! Only 10 percent of Swedes trust Trump not to start World War III. 93 percent of Swedish people trusted Obama. Okay, the survey didn’t specify World War but it did ask if they trusted the U.S. president to handle world affairs.

The rest of the world wasn’t quite as dramatic, but as you can see from this chart below, the world really hates Trump.

In July, his results were somewhat better, but he was still wildly hated by the majority of the world’s citizens.

This is a lot bigger deal than just a few statistics. It took a long time to build our standing in the world. Since World War II, right or wrong, the United States has been seen as a moral leader. We are certainly an economic leader. Now we have no leg to stand on, even when fighting for own interests. We may be witnessing the death of the world’s longest living democracy and it’s all because millions of people threw a temper tantrum over the fact that a black man was president and that a woman wanted to be president.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images.