Roy Moore Is Asking People To Snitch On The Media And He’s Getting Trolled HARD (TWEETS)

Roy Moore is desperate to paint all these child molestation allegations against him as nothing more than a smear campaign – one that the media is busy amplifying for the sole purpose of taking him down. His website——even has a form people can fill out asking whether the media has contacted them, and to describe the contact. So of course Twitter got hold of it, and now Moore is getting hilariously trolled.

The blank form looks like this:

An editor for Viewpoint Magazine tweeted it out, along with his response and a call for people to troll Moore this way. Twitter has responded with gusto:

And this one might be among the best:

If you would like to troll him a little yourself, click here. Moore clearly doesn’t understand the Internet.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images