WATCH: Delusional Trump Fans Lash Out At Fox Host For Reporting Facts Of Uranium One Deal

Clearly, Trump supporters want Fox News to lie to them.

Because when Fox News host Shep Smith fact-checked Donald Trump’s accusations against Hillary Clinton in regards to the Uranium One deal with Russia, they lost their shit.

Smith thoroughly debunked Republican claims that Hillary Clinton approved the deal in a pay-to-play scam during her time as Secretary of State back in 2010.

First, the deal had to be approved by a committee of nine agency heads, who unanimously approved.

Second, the State Department was represented by an assistant who says Clinton did not intervene.

Third, the Uranium One deal stipulates that the uranium must be sold to civilian reactor operators in the United States, which blows Trump’s claim that Hillary gave 20 percent of our uranium to Russia out of the water.

Fourth, one man gave the Clinton Foundation all but $4 million of the $140 million donated by nine individuals associated with Uranium One. And that one man had already sold his stake in the company years before in 2007, well before Clinton even thought about being Secretary of State. And long before Barack Obama became president to make her Secretary of State.

And, finally, Clinton had no power to veto or approve the deal herself.

So, that means conservatives have no case against Clinton, effectively neutering any effort by the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor since doing so is contingent on the facts. And the facts support Clinton. So much so, that any court would laugh the obviously manufactured charges out of court.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

In response, Trump supporters threw a temper tantrum and called for Fox to fire Smith for reporting the facts.

And these are just a few of the MANY angry conservative tweets calling for Smith to be fired. However, a majority of the tweets came in support of Smith and his fact-based reporting, which blew apart the rest of the network’s effort to spin the deal into a nefarious scandal proving that Hillary colluded with the Russians.


Shep Smith did his job as a journalist. Sean Hannity could certainly learn a lot from Smith. The Uranium One scandal being pushed by Trump and his minions has been repeatedly debunked. Conservatives are desperately attacking Clinton to distract from Trump’s real scandals. But Smith refuses to lie to make Trump look good. And that’s the real reason why Trump supporters hate him so much.

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