Roy Moore Supporting Republican LOSES It After Being Called An Extremist

If the scandal around the stories of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s accusations of dating of teenage girls is accomplishing anything, it’s drawing a line in the sand. Republicans are having to declare themselves either pro-pedophilia or anti.

You’d think it would be an easy choice to make, but hey, we have an accused pedophile in the White House, so maybe not so easy for the GOP party. Even Ted Cruz, though, who is one of the most extreme in Washington (and one of the most loathed) has withdrawn his support of Moore.

One Republican, though, is holding on and he’s shocked (I tell you) that anyone would ever call him an extremist over it.

Rob Maness, who has the endorsement of Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and Ben Carson, is running for the Louisiana State House. During a radio interview, a caller called Maness “an extremist,” precisely because he’s to the right of Ted Cruz, at least on the subject of statutory rape.

The caller went by the moniker of “flaming liberal” for WGSO-AM. His real name, though, is David Bellinger. He said about Maness, “If you’re to the right of Ted Cruz, you’re an extremist.” Hard to argue that since there is pretty much no one more extreme than Cruz, who believes that Planned Parenthood sells body parts and that the states can ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling making gay marriage legal. Maness was having none of that accusation.

“Whoa, you just called me an extremist, brother,” said Maness, a retired Air Force colonel who went on to outline his military background, including top-secret clearances.

“I’ve done everything this country has ever asked me to do. How dare you call me an extremist,” he said. “I’m the most investigated, stable man that the country could have ever given the keys to nuclear weapons to, so you can blow me! You can blow me and get out of here if you’re gonna talk like that and call me an extremist.”

Source: The Advocate

Just two things here: Maness is not running for an office where he would get the keys to nuclear weapons and well, his answer doesn’t make him seem a very “stable man.”

Bellinger shot back,”Go screw your ma, asshole,” several times.

Maness, still fuming, said:

“I’m not going to listen to that crap,” he said after jettisoning Bellinger. “Nobody’s gonna call me an extremist, because I’m not one. The extremists are the people who are liars, and the hypocrites and the swamp creatures from Washington, D.C. and Baton Rouge and all around the nation, even at the local level, that have got their political power and they try to smear people like me because we want to take it away from them.”

Stable, sure.

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