Perverted GOP State Rep. Corners Lobbyist, Tries To Force Her To Help With His ‘Raging B**ner’

The Republican Party is having a terrible week when it comes to the perverts in their ranks being outed. First, there’s the fact that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of “dating” girls as young as 14, and actually molesting said 14-year-old. What’s worse is the fact that instead of demanding that Moore leave the race, many Alabama Republicans have been defending him. One of them, Alabama GOP Auditor Jim Ziegler, even used the Bible as a justification for Moore’s alleged actions.

Now, the GOP has another mess on their hands when it comes to perversion in their ranks: Minnesota State Rep. Tony Cornish. The Star Tribune obtained a text message Cornish sent to a fellow lawmaker, in which he joked about how aroused he was while looking at her on the State House Floor. The Star Tribune says of the text message they received:

“Maye Quade, first elected in 2016, provided the Star Tribune with a text message from Cornish in May 2017 in which he wrote that he “got busted for staring at you on the House floor … Haha. I told him it was your fault, of course. Look too damned good. Ha. I must be more gentlemanly when I run for governor.”

As if that were not bad enough, there’s Cornish’s treatment of a female lobbyist in his office. The lobbyist alleges that Cornish trapped her in the office and insisted that she help him with his, quote, “raging boner.” City Pages says of that incident:


The most disturbing allegations against Cornish come from a lobbyist who asked to have her identity protected. The lobbyist says Cornish engaged in a years-long campaign of harassment, soliciting her for sex in text messages — she rebuffed him — and once pushing her against a wall in his office and trying to kiss her.

On another occasion, during a meeting in his office, the woman says she was attempting to leave when Cornish stood up and pointed down, saying: “I have a raging boner. You can’t leave.” This, the lobbyist says, Cornish said twice; she did leave, anyway.

And let’s remember – for every one of these incidences that gets reported, there’s usually bunches more that don’t, because of the way people who come forward regarding being sexually harassed and assaulted are treated.

Get your act together, GOP. This behavior is not just unacceptable. It’s criminal. Oh, and let’s not forget – you guys are the ones who go around judging and moralizing on the lives of others. So much so, in fact, that many of you make entire careers of doing just that. Family values indeed.

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