Trump Seething After Humiliating Virginia Elections, Throws Ed Gillespie Under The Bus

Well, that didn’t take long.

After weeks of supporting Republican candidate Ed Gillespie on Twitter, Donald Trump quickly distanced himself from him as if he never supported him at all.

The statewide elections in New Jersey and Virginia were landslide victories for Democrats this year, with Gillespie losing the Virginia gubernatorial race to Ralph Northam, who ran on an anti-Trump platform.

The losses were a humiliating defeat for Trump, who desperately attacked Northam on Twitter and praised Gillespie on Election Day.

Yet, Trump threw Gillespie under the bus after hearing about the defeat.


You can bet that if Gillespie had won Trump would kissing his ass right now and calling him a close friend and loyal supporter. But he lost so Trump is trashing him and pretending that he never really supported him.

Trump also lied because not only did Gillespie embrace Trump and his bigotry, the economy is only hitting record numbers thanks to the policies of President Obama. Had Obama served a ninth year in office, we would be seeing these same economic numbers. Because Trump is still operating on the Obama budget and has not signed a single piece of economic legislation.

If this election is a sign of things to come, Trump and the Republican Party should be scared to death. The American people are coming for them and it’s not going to be pretty.

Featured Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images