Senate Democrats Have Been Sneaking Around Behind GOP’s Back To Unravel Trump Administration

For the last several months, liberals have been watching the news with frustration over Congress’ apparent Keystone Cop incompetency in its investigation of the Trump administration ties to Russia. The Senate has been somewhat better than the House, but still, we are pinning most of our hopes on special counsel Robert Mueller, until now.

In a bombshell report in the Daily Beast, it was revealed that Senate Democrats are going behind the backs of Republicans and running their own investigation.

According to the report, Senate Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee have been secretly investigating the Trump/Russia connections with hope of making them public soon:

Sean Bartlett, a Democratic spokesman for the committee, called the report a “major” effort to expose how Vladimir Putin’s government has kept “the Russian public supportive of wars abroad, while distracted from the regime’s criminality and corruption at home, and how, over the past decade-plus, it has adapted that toolkit and taken it global.”
The report, he added, “describes how these efforts are led by the government’s security services and buttressed by state-owned enterprises, Kremlin-aligned oligarchs, and Russian criminal groups that have effectively been nationalized by the state.” It traces how the operations “emanate out of Russia in concentric geographic circles: they began in Russia, expanded to its periphery and former satellites, and then into the rest of Europe and eventually, the United States.”

It’s not completely secret. According to the committee’s chairman, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), they know about the investigation, but they have no idea what the Democrats have found. The Democrats would like Republicans to get on board, though.

The investigation isn’t just about Trump. It’s broader, and it explores all of Russia’s sins dating back years. They are investigating issues as varied as cheating in the Olympics and Russia’s attacks on Soviet Bloc countries, including its illegal annexation of Crimea.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t investigating Trump. As one member of a Republican think tank said:

“It’s not about Trump, but the impact will be: ‘Hey Mr. President, here’s a list of 55 sins of the Russians, and you’re kissing Putin’s ass — what’s the deal?'”

Yeah, Republicans are scared, and so, I’m sure, is Trump.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images.