Sean Hannity Barely Spends 6 Seconds On Last Night’s Drubbing – Revisits Trump ‘Victory’ Instead

Fox ‘News’ host Sean Hannity spent a whopping 6 seconds covering Tuesday night’s election results in which Democrats gained seats across the country in a referendum to Donald Trump and his policies. Hannity, an ardent defender of Trump’s, explained the Democratic electoral victories in three of the states by saying, “Those results in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York — not states Donald Trump won.” Hannity devoted 14 words to cover the election results in which Democrats trounced Republicans. In fact, as Shareblue notes, “Democrats flipped 14 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates — the largest Democratic gain in a single election in the state since 1899.”

Hannity just shrugged it off.


After the hate-march in Charlottesville, Virginia in which tiki-torch carrying bigots terrorized the city while marching in Trump’s name, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer, the Commonwealth rejected hate and bigotry at the polls yesterday.

Newly elected Virginia state delegate Danica Roem, an openly transgender woman, defeated Bob Marshall, a Republican incumbent who billed himself as the commonwealth’s “chief homophobe.”

Instead of covering the big news, Hannity, a man who can be spotted usually humping on Trump’s leg, decided to cover the former reality show star’s speech in South Korea and his 2016 ‘victory.’

And Trump is the reason Republicans lost so many seats last night, but Hannity wants to sing his praises and ignore the massive beating the GOP took.

The Internet decided to rub it in his face.

That’s some real in-depth reporting there, Sean. The Fox News host likes to routinely call liberals ‘snowflakes’ but he’s the snowflakiest snowflake on TV.  It’s probably better for Hannity that he didn’t report the actual news, though. It looks like he was about to cry. Although, drinking Hannity’s salty conservative tears is kind of satisfying after Trump stumped so hard for Ed Gillespie’s campaign on Twitter.

Image via screen capture.