Trump Just Openly Called For A Third World War (VIDEO)

You know all those fears conservatives dismiss that Trump is going to get us into another world war? Well, those concerns are very real based on what he just said at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea.

“It’s time to act with urgency and with great determination,” Trump said during the press conference. “North Korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action.”

“We call on every responsible nation including China and Russia to demand that the North Korean regime end its nuclear weapons and its missile programs,” The Donald said.

“The United States stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be,” Trump said, desperately trying to “wag the dog” in an effort to distract from the mounting criminal indictments of his associates.

Is it any wonder that seemingly more South Koreans showed up to protest Trump than Americans attended his inauguration?

Trump is getting desperate, and it seems that he has decided a war is the way to go if he wants to escape from the situation he has put himself in unscathed.

Watch Trump tell the world he’ll kill us all to distract from his bullsh*t below:

Featured image via screengrab