Senator Delivers SCATHING Rebuke To His GOP Colleagues – ‘No One Is Safe’ Because Of You

It’s been a tragic, but infuriating day for America. In the wake of the mass shooting at a church in Texas, we’ve all heard the obligatory “thoughts and prayers” and “May God be with yous,” we’ve come to expect from Republicans who are more concerned about their NRA ratings than they are about actual lives. So Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut blasted them for it in his official statement on the shooting.

In it, he asks a very, very important question:

“How can you claim that you respect human life while choosing fealty to weapons-makers over support for measures favored by the vast majority of your constituents?”

This is something he wants each of his Republican colleagues to consider seriously as they go to sleep tonight, because many of these people (like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan) claim to value human life in the abortion debate, but behave as though the deaths of thousands of people already here on this Earth due to gun violence is simply the price of freedom. That’s not valuing life. That’s valuing the money they get from various lobbies.

Murphy went on to state his heartbreak, not just over high-profile mass shootings, but others as well:

“My heart breaks for Sutherland Springs. Just like it still does for Las Vegas. And Orlando. And Charleston. And Aurora. And Blacksburg. And Newtown. Just like it does every night for Chicago. And New Orleans. And Baltimore. And Bridgeport.”

Then he ended it with quite possibly the most powerful statement there is:

“The terrifying fact is that no one is safe so long as Congress chooses to do absolutely nothing in the face of this epidemic. The time is now for Congress to shed its cowardly cover and do something.”

Congress continually fails to act because Republicans won’t. So while Murphy diplomatically says that we aren’t safe because Congress is too cowardly to act, he’s laying the blame for this squarely at his Republican colleagues’ feet. The saddest part is that the GOP won’t heed this. The gun lobby will have to be shut down one way or another for Republicans to open their eyes to reality. You can read his full statement below:

Featured image via Erich Schlegel/Getty Images