27 People Murdered In Texas Mass Shooting, And Trump’s Response Is Classic Racist

Every other day there seems to be a new mass shooting. It’s barely over a month since the massacre in Las Vegas and we now have the deadliest mass shooting to take place in a house of worship. A gunman opened fire on a church in the tiny town of Sutherland, Texas, and at least 27 people are dead, including children and including the shooter.

This is a developing story, but at the time of this posting law enforcement had not yet released information on the shooter other than the fact that he was killed. They also aren’t reporting a possible motive – they say right now the shooter’s motive is unclear. Regardless, Donald Trump has already responded to it on Twitter:

That response is that of a classic racist, and here’s why: As soon as we heard about the killing in New York City at the hands of someone shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Trump’s first response was this:

THEN he sent his condolences to New York City, and after he did that he went on another rant about Islamic terrorism:

We’ll wait with bated breath for him to demand reviews of all our gun laws in the wake of this shooting. If it turns out this was an angry white guy with a gun, like it was in Las Vegas and like it has been in multiple other mass shootings of this nature, we won’t hear anything else except more “thoughts and prayers.” That’s ironic considering these people were already in church and were presumably people of prayer.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images