Hawaiians Had The Perfect Signs To Infuriate Trump When He Landed There

Donald Trump stopped in Hawaii, which is totally not Kenya, en route to his five-country, 12-day trip in Asia but there wasn’t much love from the people there in which only five Republicans hold office in the state’s 51-seat House. The former reality show star won only 29 percent of the vote in Hawaii in the 2016 presidential election. The Birther-in-Chief had to have noticed the ‘Welcome to Kenya’ signs while he was greeted by protesters.

Trump dogged Barack Obama for years by floating the ‘birther’ conspiracy theory in order to delegitimize our country’s first black President.

Protesters schooled Trump on Obama’s birthplace. ”

Another sign read, “So bad you make Bush look good.”

“Aloha also means goodbye,” read another sign.

Hawaiians will never forget.

“Trump for prison 2017,” read one man’s t-shirt.

A vet called out Trump over his remarks disparaging Sen. John McCain’s military service.

President Barack Obama is Hawaii’s native son and he is loved there.

One Twitter user said there were only about three Trump supporters. In contrast, there were hundreds of protesters.

Hawaiians resist Trump’s agenda.


When presidents deplane from Air Force One, they are typically greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. In Trump’s case, about 100 supporters — a mix of military service members and civilians greeted him at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

However, the protesters formed a far bigger crowd. The largest group of protesters gathered in front of the state Capitol.

Kaniela Ing, a Democrat from the state’s House of Representatives, joined the protesters.

“The idea of the aloha spirit is that we welcome everyone who comes here,” he said. But when there’s a leader whose whole M.O. seems to be making America a less welcoming place for whole groups of people, that’s where we need to draw the line.”

“He’s simply not welcome,” he added.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images.