GOP Lawmaker Links Abortion To The Economy In One Bizarre And Horribly Offensive Rant (VIDEO)

Republican lawmakers come up with the most ridiculous things to push their agendas. Take women’s reproductive rights. They have all manner of reasons for why abortion should be illegal; from the misogynistic, religious and moral reasons all the way over to the misogynistic and outright bizarre ones. A lawmaker in Wisconsin just tossed himself into the “misogynistic and outright bizarre” corner with the most ridiculous and offensive idea out there:

“Labor force shortages are tied to population declines. Labor force shortages are a limiting factor in economic growth. And limited economic growth poses a problem when government tries to pay for public services and infrastructure. In spite of this Mr. Speaker, ironically, the Democrats continue their effort to support the abortion industry.”

Yes, he really did essentially say that women should be forced to give birth, even to children they can’t care for, to ensure a strong labor force and thus, a stronger economy.

Holy hell, this is right up there with the guy from Oklahoma who said that hormonal contraception litters women’s uteruses with tiny, dead babies. How do people come up with this bullshit? And they manage to make it sound completely reasonable when they do it. Watch this guy try to sound all reasonable about it below:

Featured image via video screen capture