With Just Two Words, GOP Congressman ADMITS He Doesn’t Answer To His Constituents

The GOP Congress, with the approval of Donald Trump, is putting forth yet another tax bill that would take food off the tables of regular people so the wealthy can hoard even more money. You would think they would show a modicum of shame, that they would at least pretend that they are working for the voters, but this is the age of Trump and they are proud of the oligarchy they’ve created. They are so proud they are literally saying, in front of reporters, that they don’t care what the voters think about this wildly unpopular tax plan.

Several polls have proven that tax cuts, especially tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, barely scratch the surface of Americans’ concerns. It’s hardly even a priority for brainwashed Republicans. Only about a quarter of Americans overall think tax reform should be a top priority, while barely half of Republicans (51 percent) think it should head the agenda.

The majority of Americans have had it with the trickle down argument and they don’t believe that a corporate tax cut will lead to more jobs.

Some GOP selling points aren’t sinking in. One of Republicans’ biggest talking points is that a corporate tax cut will benefit workers (though even right-wing economists have cast doubt on White House estimates on this point).

But nearly 60 percent of people believe corporations won’t “use that money to create jobs,” according to the CBS poll. Likewise, approximately half of people in both the CBS and NBC/WSJ polls said they think the bill would grow the economy — a plurality but not a clear majority.

Source: NPR

Screw what voters think, at least that’s the mindset of Republicans who know exactly who put them in office, the oligarchy. A Vox reporter confronted some GOP Congressmen about the tax bill that few people have seen and the most telling answer came from Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), who in two words told us exactly what he thinks of his constituents’ opinions:

Who cares?” responded New York Rep. Chris Collins.

Others had answers the weren’t quite as callous and were a bit more measured. They fell back on denial and Trump’s “fake news” copout.

“I don’t believe that poll,” stressed Texas Rep. Mike Conaway.

“I would love to see those polls, because those aren’t polls of my constituents,” added Missouri Rep. Jason Smith.

Golshan couldn’t find a single Republican member of Congress who would acknowledge how unpopular the idea is with voters of passing a tax bill to let corporations pay even less of their fair share.

Republicans need to work a little harder on their messaging of their pet tax bill. According to FiveThirtyEight.com, Republicans have a chance to pass their first major initiative since Trump took office, as long as they can get Americans to back it. So far, they are failing and their cavalier responses to Americans’ concerns aren’t helping. Of course, Collins might be right. As long as they have gerrymandering, voter suppression and Russia in their back pockets, voters’ opinions might not actually matter.

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