One Hero Made Donald Trump Panic And Made Twitter Celebrate (DETAILS)

If you were bored on Thursday night at around 7pm ET and felt the need to peruse President Trump’s Twitter feed, you might’ve instead encountered a blue page bearing the message, ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!’, eventually just replaced with an even more generic-looking response:

Yes, for a whole 11 minutes Donald Trump’s Twitter account was down.

Twitter is sometimes seen as that one avenue where voyeurs and sociopaths can coexist so it comes as no surprise that the medium is a favorite of President Trump’s, as well as his supporters and critics alike. It is where we get to see the truly uncensored leader, not following a script, just posting exactly what comes to mind and digging his hole deeper with every tweet. A normal day for Trump generally begins by taking to Twitter to attack Democrats, North Korea and, of course, kneeling NFL players before he starts his presidential duties.

However, some have grown tired of Trump’s early morning poop-tweets and one person decided to take action. That’s right, this wasn’t the result of some glitch of sorts, but was actually an inside job. To be more specific, it was the work of a heroic Twitter employee on their last day on the job. Twitter initially released a statement saying the President’s feed was “inadvertently deactivated due to a human error,” but it didn’t take long for the truth to come out.

Naturally, the Twittersphere initially went into conspiracy mode when they couldn’t access Trump’s account, with the common assumption being that the President had finally been booted from the platform. Many have requested that President Trump be banned from Twitter under the belief that his tweets about North Korea could be bringing the United States closer to the brink of nuclear war, something Twitter has declined to do, claiming they must weigh the newsworthiness of Trump’s tweets with its violent rhetoric.

Instead, on this occasion, it was just a Twitter employee having the intestinal fortitude to do what many have probably fantasized about doing on their last day of work.

Featured image via screenshot