Trump Is Literally Sabotaging The Case Against The NYC Terrorist By Not Keeping His Mouth Shut

If Donald Trump keeps tweeting about the NYC terrorist like this he will prevent justice from being served.

Earlier this week, a terrorist killed eight people using a vehicle. Police captured him alive. So now we not only can get information that could be vital, we can try him in a court of law and get justice for the victims and their families.

But justice won’t happen if a fair trial cannot be had.

And that’s why Trump needs to stop tweeting about it right now.

On Wednesday night, Trump seriously damaged the suspect’s ability to get a fair trial by calling for him to receive the death penalty.

Trump opened his big mouth again on Thursday morning, spouting about how he wants to send the suspect to Guantanamo Bay prison. However, such a move is illegal because the suspect holds a green card

Also, there are no such statistics that Trump is referring to. So not only is he making it impossible for the suspect to receive a fair trail, he is demonstrating his complete ignorance of the justice system.

Featured Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images